• 2017 Weddings

Katie and Jon

Sarah and Tyler

Angelina & Eric

  • 2016 Weddings

Courtney and Steve

Lucy and Mike

Angela and Greg

Allison and Saker

Tess and Marcus

Erica and Matt

Amber and Chad

Leah and Chad

Katie and Charley

Michelle and Michael

  • 2015 Weddings

Jen and Matt

Lindsay and Kyle

Janet and David

Jaclyn and Neil

Kat and Pat

Maggie and Emily

Rebecca and Brett

Monica and Chris

Allison and Walter

Alyssa and Nick

Chelsea and Cal

Tiffany and Mike

Amy and Aaron

Bek and Dan

Lizzie and Alistair

Morgan and Cory

  • 2014 Weddings

Amanda and Nathan

Ashley and Kyle

Jen and Max

Lauren and Jonathan

Amanda and Ryan

Betsy and Marcus

Shel and Tony

Theresa and Matt

Dara and Evan

MaryJo and Dave

Natosha and Eric

Ashley and Vince

Marlene and Michelle

Kelly and Dan

Michelle and Jon

Theresa and Eric

Sarah and Danny

  • 2013 Weddings

Melissa and James

Amy and Mark

Amy and Mike

Kate and Derek

Lynn and Morgan

Laura and Ben

Erin and Ben

Makinsie and Mike

Katie and Mike

Sarah and David

Lauren and Danny

  • 2012 Weddings

Cris and Bryce

Kim and Pat

Amanda and Greg

Meredith and Paul

Jennifer and Roy

Lauren and Josh

Mallory and Danny

Jodi and Ryan

Amanda and Chris

Kelly and Joe

Susan and Aaron

Megan and Mike

Alison and Ryan

Jackie and Rich

  • 2011 Weddings

Darlene and Owen 4-30-11

Stefanie and David 5-28-11

Kalie and Adam 6-11-11

Jessica and Chase 6-18-11

Rachel and Brent 6-25-11

Kim and Chris 7-2-11

Megan and Joe 7-9-11

Erin and Chris 7-16-11

Megan and Mitch 7-23-11

Colleen and Jeff 8-6-11

Lori and Jeff 8-13-11

Tiffany and Andy 8-27-11

Ashley and Justin 9-3-11

Christal and Marc

Lindsey and Tim

Kate and Casey

Megan and Michael

Christine and Pat

Rachel and Dan

Kim and Andrew

  • 2010 Weddings

Brooke and Brian 5-9-10

Maggie and Sajan 5-29-10

Erika and Samir 6-4-10

Mandy and Matt 6-12-10

Michelle and Mike 6-18-10

Jen and Dan 6-26-10

Heather and Steve 7-17-10

Colleen and Matt 8-7-10

Sheital and David 8-21-10

Chitra and Travis 8-22-10

Erin and Kevin 8-27-10

Kara and Dave 8-28-10

Lori and Zack 9-4-10

Sarah and Damon 9-11-10

Julie and Adam 10-9-10

Heather and Andy 10-11-10

Melissa and Mike 10-23-10

Francesca and Jeff 10-30-10

Allison and Richard 11-26-10

Lisa and Josh 12-18-10

  • 2009 Weddings

Kim and Jeff 6-6-09

Lisa and Paul 6-13-09

Carla and Eric 6-20-09

Jenn and Dan 6-27-09

Emily and Anthony 7-3-09

Molly and Scott 7-11-09

Courtney and Mike 7-26-09

Beth and Jimmy 8-1-09

Joshlyn and Joe 8-8-09

Jenilee and Greg 8-15-09

Meg and Brian 9-6-09

Carrie and Louis 9-12-09

Jen and Heinrich 9-19-09

Jen and Shawn 10-3-09

Courtney and Mark 10-10-09

Cassie and Nate 10-24-09

Jill and Cris 11-21-09

  • 2008 Weddings (updates pending)

Renee and Matt 4-19-08

Allison and Nick 5-17-08

Carly and John 6-21-08
Lori and Patrick 6-28-08
Christine and Don 7-5-08
Erika and Colby 7-11-08
Nicole and Greg 7-19-08
Kathy and Jim 8-8-08
Susie and Mike 8-23-08
Kate and Alex 10-11-08
Vanessa and Reif 10-18-08
Andrea and Casey 10-25-08
Nicolle and Carl 11-1-08
Jessica and Steve 12-20-08

  • 2007 Weddings

Jenny and Rob 5-18-07
Christine and Travis 5-27-07
Amanda & Thomas 6-16-07
Christine and Sean 6-22-07
Beth and Shawn 6-29-07
Laura and Jim 7-6-07
Sarah and John 7-7-07
L'Carla and Chavtz 8-4-07

Jacob and Shannon 8-18-07

Molly and Billy 8-25-07

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