The following is a list of commonly asked questions. These are real questions asked by real brides/grooms.

What is photojournalism? Who are photojournalists?

Photojournalism is telling stories through photographs. Documenting real life by shooting real moments. Photojournalism is the type of photography practiced by newspaper photographers, war photographers, magazine shooters, anyone who is shooting real life without altering the photos or setting them up. Photojournalists are bound by a code of ethics to document life as they see it. I worked as a staff photographer for 11 years at a newspaper, and before that I earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Photojournalism from Kent State University. Having a journalist document your wedding day is a different experience all together. Be wary of studios claiming to shoot "photojournalistic" style. You either are a photojournalist or you are not.

Can you recommend a videographer?

Yes, please email me for this info.

Will you shoot the formal portraits after the ceremony?

Most couples ask this question. The answer is yes. I try and do them as quickly as we can so we can get back to the real moments happening in the day. The formal photos at the church are one thing, the on location photos are another. Those photos are typically much more fun and take more time.

Can I see a full wedding shoot?

Yes, there are several in the webstore. If you are trying to view one that is password protected, email me.

Can I contact former couples for their opinion on you?

Well, yes, I guess. It depends on the couple. But check out the testimonial section first. That might give you what you need.

C'mon all of those photos are unposed?

Yes. All except the obvious portraits.

I saw so-and-so's photos, and I wanted to know where the church was, where the reception was, who did their hair, who made the cake, who did the flowers, etc.

I try and help out as much as I can. Most of the time I can get the info I need.

Do you have liability insurance?


Do you have a vendor's license?


Do you offer any discounts?

The short answer is yes for military. The long answer is as follows: The rates listed on my website are what it costs to do business. They come from analysis of the market and the actual operation costs to have a successful photography business. They are based on overhead, equipment, time and ability. When you break down the pieces of the business, photography becomes very expensive.

Do you expect to eat at the wedding?

Yes. And a little more info here. If you are hiring me for 8 hrs or more, I need to eat or I'll pass out on your dance floor. Neither of us want that! Often, the reception hall will provide a place for me to eat. One other thing. It is imperative that I eat around the same time as the bride and groom. When you are finished and up and about doing things like visiting and greeting guests, I need to be there to document that, not just beginning to sit down to eat.

How many photos will I get?

This question refers to the packages that include a DVD.It depends on how long I am shooting and how much I see. In short, it's always different for each wedding. Typically you end up with 400-600 photos for an 8 hour shoot and 600-800 for 12 hours. Some weddings may be drastically different because they have no 'events' such as the bouquet toss, garter toss, bridal dance, dollar dance, etc. Those weddings typically will have less photos.As I shoot more weddings, I am finding that I am giving couples less photos. With each wedding I shoot I get a little better, and I end up with more quality photos over quantity.

Why can't I see weddings before 2006? I thought you had over a decade of experience.

I did not shoot weddings before the latter half of 2006. In 2005 my wife and I made a decision that I would move into the freelance photography world so I could stay at home and watch our expected baby. Before that I was a staff photographer for a daily newspaper, and I had little time to shoot aside for that paper. My professional shooting career started in 1996.

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